2021 Bulletin

Winning the War
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Catie Olson Catie Olson

Relax! The war on Christmas has already been won, and we invite you to celebrate!

The living and the dead together will triumph over the half-dead.

Nancy Lu Rosenheim Nancy Lu Rosenheim
Paul Nudd Paul Nudd

The beheading of the Beast offers neither glory nor trophy to the hunter. Our extraterrestrial Krampus offers his head again and again, as a glacial and astral enterprise. The mind that flows through the body is the true, generative chaos.

Meg Duguid Meg Duguid
Rob Karlic Link to recording by Nondimension Rob Karlic
Christopher Smith Christopher Smith

In a mere decade, Christmas will only be observed by scion fratboys. Krampusnacht will spur on travel and visitations from the onset of Autumn until the Solstice. The Christmas industry will dissolve, replaced by communal scholarship in ancient utterances and electric permaculture.

Vesna Jovanovic Vesna Jovanovic
Vesna Jovanovic
Kelly Reaves Kelly Reaves
Nancy Lu Rosenheim Nancy Lu Rosenheim
Vesna Jovanovic Vesna Jovanovic
Vesna Jovanovic

Our future is atavistic and psychedelic.

There will be the new churches for the youth, to which they will flock with vigor, reserving their sacreligious rebellion for school dances and wakes.

Betty Heredia Betty Heredia
Miguel A. Del Real Miguel A. Del Real
Paul Nudd Paul Nudd
Kelly Reaves Kelly Reaves

Krampus was the Light Bringer when he first cojoined with humankind. Now he is the Upbringer.

The village together will raise the newborn Lucifer as a daughter, teaching her musicianship, horticulture, fisticuffs, oceanography and astronomy, and the crucial art of astral discernment.

EC Brown EC Brown
EC Brown EC Brown

Krampus comforts the infirmed, the lonely and the suffering.

Damon Bishop Damon Bishop
Damon Bishop
Damon Bishop
Renee Robbins Renee Robbins

May Krampusnacht and the Solstice Season bring you peace.

Justine Harlan Justine Harlan


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